Building out the website

After taking a ton of time looking through themes for our Vashon Island Media company, we settled on a theme called XXXX. Why did we go with this theme? Here were some of our requirements:

  • First and foremost we wanted a theme that was MOBILE FIRST. What do I mean by the term mobile first? It means that I wanted a theme that will work well on mobile devices first and desktop devices second. Based on our Google Analytics, most people are looking at websites now via their mobile phones. So, mobile first was important.
  • Simple, simple, simple. People coming to our website do not need a bunch of pop-ups and complicated text. We want to give them the simple, to the point information.
  • SEO. We needed to be found. Most themes can be SEO’d (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization), but this theme seemed to be very good at getting noticed. Need proof? You found us didn’t you? 🙂

Vashon Island Marketing Expert and his son.